A Little Background

A Little Background

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Hello, my name is Thomas Gould. Welcome to my website. I started the website as part of my company. I used to be a truck driver for many, many years, and I decided that I wanted to be a business owner. I have been driving trucks since I was 19 years old. I started off working for my uncle’s company in Jupiter, Florida. I was set to go to college at New York University in the fall on a full scholarship because I ran track. But, I got injured my last run of the season. I tore my anterior cruciate ligament. I had to have surgery and rehabilitation, but I would miss my chance to go to college. So, I got a job until I could figure out what I was going to do with my life.

TravlingI couldn’t go to college because I was traveling from place to place so often, so I decided that I would work and save up my money until I could take a few classes here and there. And that’s exactly what I did. I enrolled at a community college and took a class a semester that was once a week. My uncle understood that I wanted to do more with my life, which is why he gave me some leeway when it came to classes. I had saved up all my money for two years, and I decided to take a couple months off FSUfrom work to focus on my classes. I got my associate’s degree a year later, and I decided to go back to working for my uncle while I took a class or two online at FSU. I chose to major in business management and get a minor in psychology.

After about a year, there were no online classes that I could take and I needed to move to Tallahassee for a couple of years. So, my uncle gave me the chance to go when he offered to cover half of my tuition. My parents would pay for my dorm, and all I had to do was get a job to have pocket money. The other half of my tuition was covered by financial aid. I got my degree in a year and a half. From there, I moved back home and worked for my uncle again. He brought me into the office this time around and taught me the ways of the business. Five years on from that, I decided to open up shop for truck sales across Florida. And this is my website.


Thomas Gould

I started this website as part of my truck selling business. I used to be a truck driver for many years, but I decided it was finally time to make the step up to business owner.

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