Building Your Perfect Home

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manuscript-751When my wife and I first purchased our home, it was on auction. We wanted to find something that would be relatively cheap in Nassau County so that we could renovate it to fit our needs. We were pregnant with our first child, and I was hoping for at least two more kids. So, the house would have to be big because we would need at least a room per kid. I was hoping for a basement because

I used to live in my parent’s basement when I was fifteen until about nineteen, which was when I moved out to go to the University of Miami. I had been taking courses at the community college in town and I took some AP classes while I was in school. By the time I joined the university I was in my junior year. I actually met wife on campus when I was in my second junior semester. No, she wasn’t a student. She was actually
working on campus. She worked as a barista on campus, but was a writer on the side. She had been working as a ghost writer for some time and had been working on her own projects for a while. About six months after I had met her, and swept her off her feet, she had signed a book deal.

University_of-Miami_logoAnd six months from there, I was graduating and I got an offer to move to Nassau County to be the assistant manager for a marketing firm. My wife, Jessica, was doing well and she was working on the second and third books of her book deal. I proposed to her the night of my graduation by cutting out the inside of her book, which was published on the same day as my graduation. I had the ring in the book, so when I handed it to her and asked her to open it, she was surprised to see that there was a large square shaped hole in the middle of the book. She opened the velvet box that was in the center and looked past the book to see me on one knee. Tears fell over her eyelids as she covered her mouth and whelped “Yes.” I kissed her and when we pulled away she told me she was pregnant.

Home-RemodelingAnd so, there we were buying our first home at an auction. We needed a place to start our family because she could write from anywhere, and I needed to be in Nassau County. So, we bought a house for $90,000 and we invested about $100,000 in renovations to the place because it was in pretty bad condition. We got the money from my parents who gave us a down payment and we got a loan to help with the renovations. Jessica was in charge of the decorating and designing. She enlisted the help of M Daigle & Sons for the renovations to the house. The house went from having no basement to having an attic that spanned the whole size of the house. We turned the attic into a playroom for our soon-to-be born son and for our future kids. We had three bedrooms and an office downstairs.


Thomas Gould

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