Meeting Abroad

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When my wife and I moved to Jacksonville after purchasing our home through Adams Homes, we didn’t expect to take to the city so quickly. We both came from different backgrounds. My wife grew up in New York, so she was used to living the big city life and hopping from one station to the next to make her destination. She was quick paced, loud and very opinionated. I, on the other hand, was raised in California. I’m more laid back, beachy and casual. Yet, we somehow click. Why? I’m not sure exactly. I guess the whole opposites attract thing might be true and maybe we just balance each other out.
daeguWe actually didn’t even meet in the US. We both taught abroad for a year. I was teaching English and she was teaching Science in Daegu, South Korea. That’s how we met. At first, she didn’t like me. I think it was my poetic charm, but she’ll tell you it was my aloof nature that first put her off. But, she eventually succumbed to my witty banter. Not really. I made a fool of myself one night when I get really drunk and she took me back home. She spent the night on the sofa and made sure that I didn’t choke on my own throw up. Amanda did the same thing for her roommate in college, so I think it was sort of a sign that she was meant to take care of me and I her. I woke up and she had cooked up some pancakes, eggs and bacon. She said, “You’re going to need to eat with the amount you threw up last night.” Never had I ever fallen harder for someone than I did Amanda. I had never met anyone who would have done that for me. I have done it for several friends, but I have never had it reciprocated.

CadburyI sent her flowers to class and she hated me for bringing attention to her like that, but I just thought it was a nice gesture. So, my fight to get her attention was going to need more input. I added her on Facebook and went through her profile to find something that she truly loved. And I found it. She loved Cadbury’s chocolate. And unfortunately, we didn’t get any in South Korea, so I ordered them online and had them shipped. Sure, they were melted by the time they got to me, but I put them in the fridge and they were better than they were. I put them in a basket for her with balloons and set it in front of her door. I knocked on the door and hid around the corner. Her face lit up when she saw the chocolates. I came around the corner and she had gone back into her room. I gave up. There was no way I was going to win this girl’s heart. As I was walking out of the building, I heard the clicking of boots against the floor behind me. I turned around and found that I was quickly falling to the ground with Amanda on top of me. We landed on grass, thankfully. And she thanked me for the chocolates because they were favorites. We spent the day on the grass eating chocolates and we’ve been together ever since.


Thomas Gould

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