Moving Down to Fort Lauderdale

Moving Down to Fort Lauderdale

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NYUI first left home when I was leaving for college at the age of 21. I had received a full scholarship to New York University, and I wasn’t going to let that chance of a lifetime slip by. As much as my parents wanted me to stay in Chicago, I wanted to move. Not because I wanted to move away from them, but because I wanted to learn to live on my own.

McDonalds for LifeI had been working since I was 15 at a McDonald’s until about a couple months ago. I started off as a busboy before becoming a cashier. And before that I used to mow lawns, walk dogs and work the paper trail in the neighborhood. I wanted to have pocket money so that I could spend it on whatever I wished.

Moving to Fort LauderdaleAnyways, I studied biology while I was in Chicago to get my bachelor’s degree. Then, I moved to start my adventures in New York. I spent four years at NYU studying dentistry. I then moved back to Chicago for my residency. I worked under a brilliant alumni of NYU who had set up shop in Chicago. I wanted to learn everything I could from him, and he became my mentor. I spent three years there before deciding to move again. I loved Chicago, but I needed to spread my wings and find new experiences. I got a job offer in Fort Lauderdale and in Dallas. I didn’t want to head to Texas because I just knew it wasn’t the place for me. And Florida just seemed like the perfect tropical paradise that I wanted to be in.

I contacted a realtor and found myself a cute little two-bedroom condo in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. I flew down to Florida and signed the papers because I was thoroughly convinced that I had found my nest. The next thing I did was to call Top Notch Movers, I found them online and it took just one call to convince me to go with them. They offered me a really good price for the move, and I knew it was just the right thing to do. They came to me and picked up my things. I was going to drive down along with them. I had never had the opportunity to drive through the US and I wanted to add that onto my bucket list of things I had done.


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