The Psychology of a Trucker

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617FB288-8106-D2C8-0BCB-E498A06EF3D3Truck driving runs in my family. My grandfather was a truck driver. My father and uncles followed in his footsteps, and so did my aunt Judy. The company belonged to my great grandfather who owned an orange orchard. He was the number one supplier of oranges in Jacksonville¬†for many years before competition began impeding on the business. But, he took advantage of the growing competition and used his trucks to move the oranges for his competitors. It was expensive to invest in trucks at the time, so he charged them a nominal fee to move their products. My grandmother started making marmalade that became very popular in northern Florida and South Georgia, which was where her brothers worked. They owned a truck company that’s now called Tom Nehl Truck Company.

I was the only one in my family to go off to college. My brother followed in my father’s footsteps and my sister ended up opening a store with my cousin, Lucy. They had my grandmother’s secret cookbook of desserts, jams, marmalades, cookies, and finger foods that they practiced cooking with at home. They first sold out of the house because the only “bakery” in town was Dunkin’ Donuts¬†and Krispy Kreme. So, they started off small. They first made cookies and cakes for family gatherings or birthdays. They started getting more and more attention for their desserts. They watched a lot of YouTube videos and practiced at home to hone their craft.

krispy-kreme-bangkokAnyways, so I went off to college to study Psychology. Yeah, I was the only one in my family who was remotely interested in how the mind works. I was always introverted, and I would sit back and watch people interacting in a room before ever making my move. It was always more fun to eavesdrop and watch the ever changing body language. I was the same during my time in college. Every party that I went to I would be the wallflower watching people. But, it became more interesting the more I delved deeper into my studies because I was able to pick out various behavioral traits. I could tell when someone was peer pressured, I could tell how the person felt based on their arms being crossed or on their sides. It was really interesting. But, when I went to tell my parents about all that I’d been learning, they just smiled and nodded. I love them to death, but I am so the black sheep of my family. I am the one that dealt with an existential crisis at fifteen. I sought to find my true inner-self and they were completely happy going on with their lives as it was. Sometimes, I wish I were like them, but usually I’m glad that I’m not. I used to hate being so different, but now I am wholly content with being the strange one. After graduating with BS in Psychology, I went on to get my Master’s and a Doctorate degree. Today, I practice as a mental health counselor in California.


Thomas Gould

I started this website as part of my truck selling business. I used to be a truck driver for many years, but I decided it was finally time to make the step up to business owner.

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