When I Became a Hairstylist for a Few Years

When I Became a Hairstylist for a Few Years

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mcupload_56fdac9a13c0bI was born and raised in Dallas. My father owned a truck company that I had no interest in. I was far more interested in the wigs, coats, jewelry and makeup my mother wore when my parents went out on dates. I used to dress up in her clothes and try on her makeup when they went out. My Mom didn’t have to work, but she hated being home all day. My sisters and I would do chores around the house, so she didn’t have to do anything outside of making dinner, which my older sister, Stephanie, took over anyways. So, my mother decided to work to make some extra money to spend on the family or herself. Because I was the youngest and I didn’t go to school yet, my mother would take me to the salon with her. I got to see how much effort went into beauty. It wasn’t about being naturally beautiful, it was all about how well you were put together and how you carried yourself.

After I got enrolled at school, I didn’t get to visit the salon much, so I used to make use of the Barbie dolls my sister had in their rooms. I used to give them head-to-toe makeovers. I even dyed the doll’s traditional blonde hair a few times. I even took to sewing little outfits on them because I was bored of the clothes they had and most of the clothes had been ripped apart during tantrums my sister, Lacey, would throw. My Dad caught me playing with them one day and he beat me for playing with dolls. He said it wasn’t manly and that I needed to become a man. He sent me to military summer school every summer after that. And when I turned 12, he sent me to military boarding school. He was hoping it would make me more of a man, but I don’t think it helped. If anything, I learned more about myself because of that than anything.

1134-aI ran away from school when I was 16 and I moved in with my grandmother in Miami. I went to beauty school and I became a hairstylist for a few years with Aqua Hair Extensions and their 100% human hair tape ins. They helped me find my way and I have since opened my own salon in Wilton Manors. I opened a salon and spa there because I wanted to offer more than just hairstyling. I wanted to offer beard trimming, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages and even tanning. I have been happy ever since. I eventually forgave my father for sending me to military school, and I think he eventually saw the error of his ways even if we didn’t talk about me very much. He was just happy that I was healthy and that I had a stable career.


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